At Captain Services it's all about horse transport, food supplements, artificial treadmill mats and much more.
Captain is specialized in the maintenance and voyage preparation of your mobile home. The mechanical maintenance of your truck is done in your garage. The maintenance of the horse and space mobile home does captain services. Visit our site to learn more about our products and services.


Regtenboom 12
2350 Vosselaar, Belgiƫ
+32 475 52 16 19

Fermon Rent.


Fermon Rent offers living solutions prelude: 1 month to one year, or even longer. Fermon Rent has a wide range of furnished studios and apartments for short term rentals. All of the properties are located 5 minutes from the old city center near the main entrance of the major highways. The service is run by a family business with over 35 years experience in the rental sector.


Lange Achteromstraat 34
2018 Antwerpen-Zuid, Belgiƫ
+32 496 28 60 29